January 26, 2014

The truth about Vhong Navarro's brutal attack and attempted rape case

Everyone is asking about the real deal of Vhong Navarro's brutal attack in Taguig where he was tied up and beaten up. This is the truth behind the missing-in-action of Vhong in "The Showtime".

There are speculation in the internet about what happened and worst is, there is this news saying about the death of Vhong Navarro which is UNTRUE!

According to ABS-CBN, Vhong was invited by a friend to her condo somewhere in Bonifacio Global City for a party. But Vhong did not anticipate that there is a group of men waiting for him. According to Vhong's statement, this group of men tied him and beat him up. There are lots of pictures of Vhong Navarro's face after the attack and he might undergo an operation because of this.

January 19, 2014

Uncapping SmartBro Wimax Device Under Fair Usage Policy or FUP

Fair Usage Policy or FUP is the most hated policy of Smart Communications by all customers in the country. I myself is against this thing implemented by them and I want this to end as soon as possible!

This started last April of 2013 where your internet connection will be slower than usual by the time you reached 60 GB in a month. This is unfair to all customers because they are all paying for a postpaid plan that offers unlimited internet connection each month. Fair usage policy is their way of giving limit to what they offer.

By the way, if you are not familiar with what I am referring to, read the official statement of PLDT myBro about this

January 7, 2014

Official Reason Why Korina Sanchez leaves DZMM

korina sanchez suspended, fired, DZMM OustedAfter the incident between Korina Sanchez and Andersoon Cooper where Korina actually reacted about Cooper's way of broadcasting the happenings during Yolanda's wrath in Tacloban and this is of course to protect Korina's husband who is currently managing the people there that time.

There are lots of speculation about the effects of this incident to Korina Sanchez's career because Cooper is not your typical broadcaster, he is more popular than Sanchez here and abroad.

As a matter of fact, Korina got lots of haters since this incident and I have been hearing negative things about her lately.

January 5, 2014

The Cheapest Teeth Braces in Metro Manila

Having a perfect set of teeth is very important to all of us because it gives us confidence when we speak, smile or even take selfies if you are fan of it. In the modern world where people look on physical appearance first before approaching someone, it could be unpleasant if you have a crooked set of teeth; Been there, done that!

Someone actually told this to me when I was in high school, "You know what, you are kind of cute but your teeth is not that good". I just said "Oh, okay". That lady, when she see me now with my oh so good set of teeth, I wonder what she's gonna say.  Well I don't care because she doesn't matter anyway.

MyPhone Agua Hail Specifications and Price

myphone agua hail
Speaking of firsts this 2014, MyPhone just officially released their first smartphone, others called phablet (combination of Phone and Tablet = Phablet) with great specs. MyPhone Agua Hail is what I am talking about and what Coco Martin is holding up there!

If you are sick and tired of using Samsung or Apple then you might want to try MyPhone since they offer cool devices and based from what I am hearing, they also offer quality devices.